Project Details

Tetra Pak Thailand

After first collaborating in 2011, and again in 2012, Tetra Pak and Orbit Design Studio reteamed a third time to craft a new workplace for the food packaging giant in Bangkok’s latest shopping Hub, Em District. Taking inspiration from Tetra Pak’s packaging designs and logo, the interior finds ways to infuse these motifs throughout the space.

One of the starting points for the design team was to research the different packaging forms and lines that are at the heart of Tetra Pak. These ideas were then woven through the joinery, furniture and environmental graphic design creating a subtle, layered effect. This was then wrapped with a clean, confident Scandinavian aesthetic that neatly references the company’s Swedish roots.

From the early beginnings of a family run business, to the multinational powerhouse of today, the needs of Tetra’s Pak’s workplace have evolved. To address these demands, we created a variety of flexible space types such as enclosed meeting rooms with high quality video conferencing capabilities, multi-functional collaboration spaces that can be used for casual meetings, snack breaks, all-staff gatherings, and work spaces.