Project Details

P&G Guangzhou GO Satellite Office

The Guangzhou Satellite office is the first project in Greater China that fully implements P&G’s new workplace model. A three floor expansion to an existing site, Guangzhou Global Office, the brief called for fully maximizing the space utilization and improving the collaboration effectiveness within the new office. Each floor has working neighborhoods open to natural daylight, with a great mix of seating and work settings interspersed with a pantry nearby and a range of huddle booths, phone seating and touchdown spaces to support it.

The office's central feature is the collaboration hub, which serves as a multifunctional space and a town hall. The office also has smaller collaboration spaces with a play area on each floor, as well as quieter "refuge" areas for focused work. The space has a raw industrial feel with elements such as rust-treated cladding, glass blocks, cement breeze blocks, and wood wool, contrasted by playful neon graphics.

Carefully considered and designed graphics and art provide a final layer of color and energy. A large locally inspired hand-painted mural is the centerpiece in one of the large meeting rooms. Gallery prints taken from this mural are then interspersed throughout the floor, as fragments. A rich selection of plants and green accented surfaces throughout the office as well as on the corner terraces, brings a final layer of freshness and life to the transformed space.