Project Details

K Onlineshop Space

K Online Shop space is a specialist centre for online businesses. The bank offers online business consulting, educating customers, developing solutions and gathering partners for people and companies who want to develop or increase their online presence and revenue. The shop also offers seminar sessions and provides co-working space for everyone, not just Kasikorn Bank Customers.

In line with retail design, no doors and an open-plan layout is friendly and welcoming as it was essential not to intimidate new customers or those unfamiliar with online business. Transparency was a fundamental part of the design, echoing virtual, digital architecture but also to communicate that the centre was there to explain and make clear the world of online commerce. The window features a striking design of transparent shelves like stylised or digital shop shelves.

Orbit created a consulting zone, multifunction zone and interactive zone, with a central zone that can be closed off by operable glass doors whenever seminars are held. The design language of transparency and modern materials carries throughout the space but is balanced by wood and fresh green colours that are a hallmark of the bank.