Project Details

Bangkok Mediplex

Bangkok Mediplex is pioneering the concept of one-stop shopping for all healthcare and wellness needs, re-affirming Thailand’s position as a leader in medical tourism. The facade is a vital part of communicating this dynamic vision.

The concept was based on the cellular structure that makes up much of the human body. This idea was developed into the dynamic skin of glass and lattice that now envelopes the building. This has enhanced the building in a number of ways. During the day, light floods the building, while at night, custom lighting turns it into a glowing beacon. Accessibility was also a key issue so the surrounding area is gently sloped, neatly integrating the hardscape with the landscape.

As with all integrated projects, the brand identity grew from the same conceptual starting point and reflects the cellular structure of the facade. The logo itself plays on the idea of growth and structure in a natural but forward thinking way.